Bulk insert execution timeout expired

Hi Team,

I got the below error so, is there anything can i do from my side in the BOT to solve this issue?

Due to huge data, activity not able to insert all your data with in activity time out period.
Do following steps:

  1. Split the data into smaller batches: If you are inserting a large amount of data using a bulk insert operation, consider splitting it into smaller batches. You can use the “For Each” activity in UiPath to iterate through smaller subsets of the data and perform the bulk insert operation on each batch separately. This can help prevent the timeout from occurring.
  2. Check database connection: Ensure that the database connection established by UiPath is stable and reliable. If the connection is experiencing issues or has a high latency, it can result in timeouts. Verify the connection parameters and network stability to minimize potential connection-related problems.

we already split it however still lose the connection so should i split more?
any other advice.

@omar_ismail how much data do you have after split?

sometimes 20000 rows maybe more if you can advise how can I split maybe we don’t do it correctly