Bulk Add Queue Items: Operation returned an invalid status code '524'

Bulk Add Queue Items: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘524’
I work on a project, this consists of reading Excels files, the resulting data is the one I load with 2 Bulk Add Queue Items (one for each excel). In that load to the Work Queue I see that error, load 11596 items and out of nowhere I see that error.

Additionally, the Bulk Add Queuing I use has the Process all independently option selected on your Commit Type property, because my queue has the Single Reference option enabled to ensure that no duplicate queuing is entered.
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We could 524 Code take as a timeout. Maybe segmenting the data using smaller chunks can help.

What recommendation do you give me to segment my data? , as decia cargo 2 data table, one will have 9000 records and the other about 4000.

We can start with a split on-half data and then check in which direction we want to fine-tune

Try with these steps and let us know for further clarification

  1. Restart your studio and UiPath orchestrator

  2. Increase mentioning TIMEOUTMS property in BULK ADD QUEUE ITEMS activity
    Mention in milliseconds
    Like 60000 which is one minute

  3. Pass first half of the records from datatable
    Say if you have 100 records send 50 first Datarow with one bulk add queue item activity and then next fifty

  • first use a assign activity like this

dt_1 = Dt.AsEnumerable().Take(50).CopyToDataTable()

And other assign activity like this

dt_2 = Dt.AsEnumerable().Skip(50).CopyToDataTable()

These two dt_1 and dt_2 are two variables of type system.data.datatable

Now use two bulk add queue items activities and pass dt_1 and dt_2 to each of the activities and try

Hope this helps

Cheers @Brayan_Sanchez


As per error it is a timeout error so try to increase the timeout.

Bulk add queue items support upto 15000 records I believe…but better to maintain 10k…and your records are already under limit…so shpuld be good…

Timeout increasemight aolve the issue


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