Build Data Table with Today date and time default value

I’m Building data table and want to put today date and time at default value, I was trying “DateTime.Now” but didn’t work, any suggestion


Did you get any error?
Can you try “DateTime.Now.ToString” and change your Data Type to string?

Yes, I got error


Mention default value as Now and check once.

Same Error


Select Date Type as String and pass Default value as Now.Tostring

Not working as well , output is:



Have you mentioned Now.Tostring in double quotes or what ?

With double quotes is also not working

Can you show a full screenshot of the properties screen?


what about the properties of the column you are creating? just like you provided in the first post



Ok, I think we are doing this wrong. Not sure if we can use a variable or an expression in the “Build Datatable”. What if you build your table first, and then use “Add Data Column” activity, where the TypeArgument is String, and the Default value is DateTime.Now.ToString.

Would this solve your issue?

Now it’s working, thanks @SSavickas