Build Data Table with headers

Hi, I am currently facing the challenge of creating a new table and adding headers to it, for this I found the following on the web

Now the part where the table is created is missing, I get an error message, how does it work with write range? BuildDataTable

You need to put the DataTable variable into the Write Range activity.

Also, I recommend using the Build DataTable activity to build a DataTable with headers!

Hi, I also thought that with Build Data Table the headings are set automatically, but only the table is created without headings.


Hope you have DataTable with Headers and data. Let’s say ‘InputDT’. Then try below expression to get only headers to new DataTable.

           newDT = InputDT.Clone

Initial situation is a completely new table that is filled with values from a webpage. The bot should create them including the headings


You need to pass DataTable to Write Range activity but you passed string to it. That’s why it’s showing that error.

Note: Output DataTable activity will convert DataTable to string.


In the Write Range Activity, instead of output_Vertriebshalt variable pass the data table variables which you want to write(DT_New_Vert… or DT_Vertrie…). The error should go with this.

Attached is my XAML with which I want to create a new table including headers, but it does not work. Main.xaml (6.9 KB)

I have the solution, although I would have liked a simple activity through Uipath.
Main.xaml (6.5 KB)

Thank you all


Please use the WriteRange Activity(within Excel Scope Activity) under App Integration → Excel and not the one present under System-> File → WorkBook. Also, keep the Add Headers check box checked.

Sorry, I am unable to add attachments but let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:

Thanks Lipika,


Step1 - Clone new datatable from existing one to just get the schema(Or Build Data table - this would require maintenance whenever schema changes, so cloning is easier.) New_DT = Old_DT.Clone

Step2 - Use WriteRange Activity(within Excel Scope Activity) under App Integration → Excel, with Add Headers checked. With this you will get just the headers written the the excel file. The System-> File → WorkBook-> Write Range activity doesnt writes only headersto excel, if the datatable is empty.

This is my working Solution


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