Build Data Table Error (DataTable could not be read)


As seen above, there’s some error with the building of data table… Any help here?

Error message is as follows:
Creating dtData2: Type ‘UiPath.Core.GenericValue, UiPath.System.Activities, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ is not allowed here. See DataSet and DataTable security guidance - ADO.NET | Microsoft Learn for more information.

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@Joshhere What are the Column data types used in the Build Datatable?

im using generic values and strings! surprisingly, on my colleague’s laptop, its working fine. Only my computer has such issue!!

@Joshhere Can you change the Generic types to Object and check if it throws an Error as well ?

The thing is i can’t even see my datatable. When i clicked on the button, it throws the error as seen in the 2nd picture of the screenshot. Afterwhich, it pops up an empty datable…

@Joshhere So this Datatable was not created by you ? Was it sent to you as a xaml file from some other machine’s Studio?

Hi all,

we have the same issue. We think that this is caused by a new windows update we installed yesterday. On one maschine with the updated installed it is not working. On one maschine without the updated it is working. The link provided in the error message shows that they changed something in the framework and disabled some datatypes to be part of a data table.

I had the same problem today, I resolved it creating a new dataTable replacing the Generic Value by Strings. You must use one oh the valid types they mention in the link(DataSet and DataTable security guidance - ADO.NET | Microsoft Learn):

bool , char , sbyte , byte , short , ushort , int , uint , long , ulong , float , double , decimal , DateTime , DateTimeOffset , TimeSpan , string , Guid , SqlBinary , SqlBoolean , SqlByte , SqlBytes , SqlChars , SqlDateTime , SqlDecimal , SqlDouble , SqlGuid , SqlInt16 , SqlInt32 , SqlInt64 , SqlMoney , SqlSingle , and SqlString .

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Initially it is working, and all of a sudden why is this change made. Please provide a solution other than modifying data tables because the volume of scripts is huge.


i agree with you, its better to have a direct resolution to the issue and not changing the variable types (i have lots of data tables…).


it was created by me… and its no longer working on my laptop anymore.

yeah, i figured that too. my colleague’s laptop (no updates yet) is running the uipath file just fine.

Also, it does not have the previous columns to modify.

exactly, is there any solution to this so far?

Sorry mate I found nothing other than changing data type. And I don’t how much it is going to impact others but it consumed a complete day to modify.

@Joshhere Is it possible to send that xaml file which gives out that error ?

Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

you cannot have a data calumn with Generic Value Data type anymore in a data table. just change to string e.g. and try again.

tragic. thanks

any other option for rectifying this issue As i colud not change the data type to string.