[Bug] Microsoft Office 365 Scope - Missing Services parameter


I think this issue was briefly touched in a previous post, but the main topic wasn’t about it, so I think it just went unnoticed.

There’s an issue with the Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity (UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package) in the 2.4.x versions.

The Services parameter does not appear anymore in the Authentication section (in properties), but rather a duplicate of the Tenant. The functionality is still there, but you cannot change it anymore unless you downgrade to v2.3.3 or below.

UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities v2.4.3:

UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities v2.3.3:

Also, due to this, when downgrading you’re hit with the “activity unresolved” due to the layout change and you need to reconfigure your activity’s properties.

Hope this gets noticed (if it’s not already on the issues tracker) and fixed soon.


Thanks Jugger, I just came here to report this very bug.