Break Activity in while loop throws a Error

Hi, I tried to put Break activity in while loop, but it throws an error saying “Activity can only be placed inside a loop, a trigger scope or next to a trigger”.
Can someone help me on this

can you send a screenshot of where it is used please


There are 2 While activity include old one.

Please use InteruptibleWhile (Check not display name but activity name as the following red arrow)


(Old) While


Please check you are using the correct do while, of type interuptibleWhile - otherwise the break activity cannot be used

and make sure the break is INSIDE the while loop opposed to outside in the IF


It seems you use Break activity outside While. Please put inside While activity.(It may be necessary to move If block inside While. And also use InteruptibleWhile)


Hi @sirisha12us

You have used the break activity inside the If condition. But you have placed the If condition at outside of while loop.
Just Drag and drop the If condition inside the while loop. Then it will works properly.

You used while activity is correct. But the position of break activity is outside of loop, that’s why it was throwing the error.

Hope it helps!!