Bots desktop alerts

Hi All,

We deployed two bots on two separate desktop and now we want both desktop should ping to each other to capture that desktop are working.When bot get down we have already exception mail.Now we require if desktop get down we need alerts mail.please help in this.

Any one have code that how one desktop ping to other desktop to check its working please share ASAP.


Hi @kaushalmaru

If you already have programmed an email being sent on the bot crash, you could also program an email being sent for the bot startup and finished status. You could then scan the mailbox to look for those ‘flags’ and consider the bot running if the email about starting the process is the latest one.

Thanks Loginerror.
My main concern is I require mail alerts if desktop get down on which bot deploy,alerts not from Orchestrator.(Any code is there through which we can check window service)
(Please share code if you have).

Also greatfull if you share code for bot crash alerts and bot startup or finished status.Urgent require kindly share the code.