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Dear Forum Members,

I have designed a bot that filters the documents based on the keywords entered i.e. if in a folder there are multiple text files, PDF files etc. , the bot will search for the keywords in every file and if all the keywords are found, then it will move the file from Source folder to Destination folder. The BOT is working fine with 100+ text files of 1 page, but if I try to filter PDF Files of multiple pages, the execution time increases. As the number of PDF files increases, execution time also increases. For Eg. : to filter 100+ PDF files of multiple pages, it is taking more than 10 minutes. Is there any way to reduce the execution time.

Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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Hello dimple,

What kind of method are you using to filter the documents based on the keyword?
If you use Indexing enabled in your Windows, you can use the command ‘findstr’ to look inside every file in a given directory for a specific keyword.

Hi Gil_Silva,

Thanks for your response.

In the BOT, I have given 3 options through which keywords can be entered. 1. Read Excel File. 2. Read Text File. 3. Manual Input. After that there is an option to select the source folder in which the files are present to open one by one and search the keywords, then an option to select the Destination folder to which to files will be transferred, if the keywords are found.

Enable Indexing makes the “Search for file” option easy. And if somehow, it works on my machine and what if I want to execute the BOT on any other machine. Is there any option to make changes in the BOT or change some properties.

Correct me if I am wrong, Thanks.