Based on Filters Delete Record from Excel


I have an excel file and on this file I have to apply filters on columns and then delete record.

So here it go:

I have this table as shown below.

I have to apply the below Logic

  1. Select numbers any of those number available 1,2,8,9,11 from First ID Column header, So I selected 1,2,8,9.(as only those were available).

  2. Now I have to untick the numbers any of those number available 100,200,300 from Second ID Column Header, So I unticked 100,200( as only those were avaiable)

  3. Now I have to delete the records which comes after doing steps 1 and 2. So as of now I have only 1 row as u can see the above image, so I will delete this.

  4. Now I will clear all the filters and my final table look like this:

So how can I do the same in UiPath Studio any help

@iamgeet Have you tried to do this similar Operation using Filter Datatable Activity by Reading the Excel File as a Datatable using Read Range Activity?

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I tried the below:

  1. Read Range
  2. Filter wizard but here I got stuck my output was not as excepted.

@iamgeet Can you Show us the Filter conditions that you have used in the Wizard ?


I am not sure whether this way is correct or not but I tried and got stuck.

@iamgeet So you want to remove rows if “First Id” Column has values 1,2,8,9 and 11 and also if “Second Id” Column does not have the Values 100, 200, 300. Is that right ?

Yes u said that is right.

@iamgeet Check this Workflow :
I have Initiialised two Arrays based on your Condition, I think the Output is what you need. Try the Workflow for your data and check if it satisfies all the requirements. (8.4 KB)


Thanks alot!!!

The workflow you shared is working fine.
Thanks once again :slight_smile:

Geeta Maharana

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