Automation Project

For my capstone project, I have to automate the research management and monitoring system of faculty research on our institutions. It includes various processes but mainly the approval of faculty researches from its proposal, progress report, and completion. The system also integrates a repository system for the faculty research outputs and metadata. The initial concept was to make it a web application. I still don’t understand how to integrate UiPath with the website I’m about to build. Any suggestion on how this can be done with UiPath? How should I start? What specific topics or courses should I take to better understand how to build this automation system?

Building an automated research management and monitoring system using UiPath is a substantial project that can offer significant benefits in terms of efficiency and accuracy. While there may not be a specific course available for this project, gaining knowledge in domain-specific areas related to research management can help deepen your understanding of the project.

The steps involved in developing any project are as follows:

Requirement Gathering and Understanding : This step is crucial for building and delivering an effective project. It involves understanding the process, identifying the inputs, and determining the desired outcomes.

Design: Once the requirements are understood, it’s important to plan how the automation will work. This includes determining what will be automated and how it will be executed.

Development: Build the automation according to the design. This involves creating workflows, integrating with systems, and testing the automation to ensure it meets the requirements.

Testing and Deployment: Test the automation to verify that it works correctly and meets the specified requirements. Once testing is complete, deploy the automation into the production environment (user environment).

Monitoring and Maintenance: Monitor the automation to ensure it continues to function correctly and address any issues or bugs that arise. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the automation running smoothly.

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