Automation Hub API - de-/activate an Application without deleting it

I noticed in the API that an application in the Application inventory has the property “application_is_active”.
It is apparently read only (changes using PUT have no effect).
For integration purposes it would be nice to activate and deactivate Applications in Automation Hub (AH) without having to delete the whole application. A deactivated application would not show up in the application list when submitting an idea, but still be linked to once linked automations.
(only API is enough for me but using the UI additionally would also help)

We are synchronising the application inventory in AH with our EAM (single point of truth regarding applications).
Since applications can reach their end of life in our EAM they should not be able to be chosen as an application for an automation when submitting/editing an automation idea in AH.
This is currently only possible by deleting an application in AH.
Unfortunately you can only delete an application in AH when no automation idea or component is linked to this application.
So to make an once available application unavailable in AH I need to “change history” and remove applications from (probably archived) automation ideas in AH.
This currently makes our concept of “AH being the single source of truth regarding automation” obsolete, since it is not complete for archived automations.