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I want to create a senerio where I’m trying to color the first four columns of an excel sheet with ‘Blue accent 1’ color without using macros. How to do that.


Hi @Ashish_Kina, welcome to the Community.

You can use the Format Cells activity to achieve the same:


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Hi Arjun
In Fill option of Format Cell the color that i want to use is not present–‘Blue Accent 1’.
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Hi @Ashish_Kina,

Try using balareva excel activities.


If it is always the first four columns that you need to color…then create a template with that format and use that always and write the data to that template always…

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Hi @Ashish_Kina Please check the below link

How to set color or get color from a cell in excel UiPath - RPA Learners

Hello @Ashish_Kina , Welocome to UiPath Community.
Refer to this Video, you will get some ideas.

Thanks for your response. In the set range color activity the color that I want to use is not present (Blue,accent 1)
Ex. System.drawing.color.Blue accent 1 is not there .

But I solved this problem by assigning the RGB value in a variable and then pass the variable to the set color range .