Automating Accounts Payable for Multiple Suppliers with Diverse Invoice Structures

I’m looking to automate the accounts payable process for over 600 suppliers, each with their own invoices having varying structures. I need to extract the following information: date, quantity, purchase order number, tax, unit price, total price, as well as the supplier’s name and account number. However, if we take the purchase order number field for example, we might find ‘BC’ in one document, ‘Po’ in another, ‘Po#’ in yet another. Similarly, ‘qte’ might be used for quantity in one invoice, while ‘quantité’ in another. How can I efficiently extract this information without having to create a specific template for each supplier? Document Understanding Extractor requires template creation, but in this case, creating 600 individual templates seems challenging. Is there an alternative solution or approach I can use to address this issue?


There is a pretrained mode and most of the accounts pyable should be workingn with it …try to use it and check

For a list


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@Anil_G Thanks. I will test it out.

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Hi Nada_Habibi is it working? We have a similar requirement i would appreciate your response which will help us to confirm back to customer.