Automating 3 new rows after each full sequence

I’m doing up a simple automation for inventory on Excel and I’ve managed to make a sequence to run for each new item received. But I need help on automating 3 new rows below each time the sequence is ran as the cell gap for each entry is 2 rows. Please assist.

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Just to understand the requirement a bit better, are you trying to add two empty rows after each row?

Hi Ash,

I’m trying to add 3 rows. Because my sequence run in a way that it will automatically start from 3 rows below on first cell, leaving two rows gap

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You can simply use Add Data Row activity with an array of empty strings.
If you want to add only 2 or 3 rows at the beginning, use it outside the loop (or run a loop for just the number of empty rows you need)
If you want blank rows after each new row (inside for loop, then use it in the loop)

For example,
If you have a table for 4 columns, use Add Data Row activity with the input property ArrayRow as follows:
ArrayRow = {"", "", "", ""}

Note: Above example assumes that all columns are of type String.

Actually my sequence only adds 3 new rows each time i complete my process as to get them ready for the next run. I’ve found the solution to it but still figuring out how I can apply “Shift+Space+down+down” and "Ctrl+(+)"on Type Into.

UiPath Studio provides excellent integration with Microsoft Excel, so it is recommended to minimise the use of UI-based commands, such as Excel shortcuts you mentioned above.
Please try to look for integrated activities that can achieve the same outcome that you’re hoping to achieve from these shortcuts.

Hi, i’ve managed to solve it as shown below. Thanks for the help!

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