Automatically Select Excel Files from the Folder

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I have a folder in which 5 excel files exist. Through loop activity I want to automatically select the respective file one by one and then process the selected file. Pl. guide how to do that? Pl see the screenshot in which I am selecting the file from Select File Activity but I want to select the files one by one from the folder and execute the whole process for each excel file and exit.

I don’t want to select each file manually.

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Hi @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD

You can try with the below expression it will get the file in array.

ArrStr → Array(String)

ArrStr = Directory.GetFiles(Environment.CurrentDirectory+"\Input\","*.xlsx").Count

You can get the file passing the output like ArrStr(0)


Hey @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD

Assign a variable in System.string(Array format)

Var = Directory.GetFiles(“Path”,“*.xlsx”) in System string (Array format)

And loop it using for each.

It will find “.xlsx” file and moves to next step

Thanks @Gokul001 : Could you please more guide where to put this code? In the Assign activity?

Thanks @kishorgy7 : I try it and let you know. Many thanks,

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NP Buddy @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD … Check and let me know

Hi @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD

Check out the XAML for reference

FourmTest.xaml (14.5 KB)