Automatic tests in UiPath

With some time of using the UiPath Studio passed, I thought about the automatic tests and saw the realization of it in the ReFramework. But the main purpose of it still remains unclear to me. I don’t have a real experience of creating unit-tests in programming but if I’m right the general idea is to test whether the function returns what it should. Like if it is supposed to return a string it must return a string.

How about that in UiPath? I clearly can’t create a set of tests because the main purpose of UiPath is interaction with apps.

As I get it right tests are useful when a project is being migrating to a production environment. You can run tests, see if nothing ruined and then run the whole project. But I can’t do it with UiPath because it has to run some apps and if something goes wrong in production then it will be a massive fail to both the company and me.

Could some better experienced people make it clear to me on how I should do it correctly in UiPath and what’s the main purpose in UiPath in particular?