Automatic Excel macro button creation

Hi UIPath team,

I have a question about macro button creation through UIPath automation.
In manual, we insert this button through Developer tab then assign a macro to it. How can we do this in UIPath? Is there any package or shall we do this through UI automation?


Thank you.

I’d create buttons with VBA:


Yes, I know that this is can be created by invoke VBA. However, I’m thinking to give feedback so UIPath will consider this part of Excel integration. The point of integration is to have it in simplest way.

Thank you for your information, btw.

Hi @D_Okthree

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. As I understand, you would like an additional Excel activity that would do something similar to your VBA code, correct?

Could you maybe share a quick mock-up of how such activity could look like?