Automate the creation of a calendar with the processes schedules

Good morning all,

I have been unable to find a specific answer to this question: is it possible to connect Orchestrator triggers to any sort of Calendar application to visualize all processes schedules, and dynamically update it?

Currently, I have many processes in production and I find two main issues to keep track of them:

  1. To check each process schedule in the Orchestrator triggers section is tedious and not very visual.
  2. I created a weekly calendar with processes schedules manually, and because we have grown in processes, it is very hard to keep this calendar updated.

What I am asking is NOT how to create a schedule for a process, nor how to create a trigger or an advance trigger, but how to connect the triggers created in Orchestrator for each process to a Calendar in order to easily visualize the processes schedules (weekly or monthly).

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Hi Laura,

There is not built in integration for 3rd party calendars (i.e. ical) but if you’re willing to build the UI or consume a JSON response I recommend using Orchestrator API. The schedules endpoint should suit your needs.