Auto increment

When ever the new row is added slno should auto increment

Hi @shruti,

If you are adding the column from UiPath activites then there is an option as per below screenshot :

However, if it is predefined column then you can initial a variable with count of items in Sl NO and then increase it inside the same loop where you are adding the Row items.


i tried with this i think i missed out something can you show me with some example

@shruti, Can you share your sample file where you tried? I can help you in modifying it as per the scenario?


example.xaml (3.0 KB)

Hey @shruti

Please find the attached sample workflow for your understanding :slight_smile: and let me know :slight_smile:

AutoIncrement_In_Datatable_Sample.xaml (8.8 KB)


iam using append range

Hi Shruti, here is the video which explains your need : Uipath Data Table Auto Increment Feature Example | Auto increment Data Table Explained | ExpoHub - YouTube