Authentication against Microsoft Graph API?


Im planning to do an UiPath-integration using the Microsoft Graph API, however Im a bit confused on how to do the authentication part.

Im thinking UiPath will have its own user (as a regular Azure AD user) for login, and connect to the API through that, but documentation I find leads me in the direction of adding a Azure Application Service, is this really necessary?

Have anyone any tips or examples on how to do this?

Any advise will be much appreciated.

You need to get the Azure application ID by registering the new application in the azure portal to use API @Paralyzer


Thank you for the information.
It`s my limited knowledge to Azure that caused the confusion.

The confusion was that I thought I had to add an App Service. (which will require to add a server etc)
Instead I just had to create an App Registration in Azure AD.

I`m now able to retrieve the access token, so I think I got what I need to continue.

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