Assistant does not write to Excel whereas Debug does

The constructed flow does its job! It is receiving params from SQL and it is using those params to scrape a publicly available web repository to fetch statuses on registrations (param sets).

Each iteration, does write the result to log file (dynamically) and collect each data row into a data table. This data table be considered as a bucket (a sort of a backup on the process, I did that for learning purposes, nothing more) and at the same time insert that bucket (container data table) into SQL again. The process it self is rather lengthy, and more important; it works!

It works, meaning both flows itself running smoothly, in Debug mode and as well published and kicked off in the Assistant.

In Debug mode: it does write to implemented logging file, it does write the data table to Excel and it does write the data table (insert into) in SQL.

Everything as intended!

However, kicking-off the flow in the Assistant mode, it does NOT write to the logging file (I do see the logging it in output), it does NOT write the data table into Excel, but luckily it does write the same data table into SQL.

How come? What could the problem why in Assistant mode is does not write a logging file and not write into Excel? Somehow functionality below the surface has been cut off!

How can I instruct the Assistant to do writing as expected?

Hey @k.vanderkamp

When you say it doesn’t write into the output or logging file, what does that mean ?

Where are you checking these and saying these are not logged.


Hello @k.vanderkamp

Have you used the log file activity to write the logs? Also while executing from assistant are you getting any errors?

If you are executing in the debug mode you have mentioned it’s working, but did you try the same process using the Run file?

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan, @Nithinkrishna

I tried to be as clear and brief as possible, unfortunately I didn’t succeed.

  1. Talking about logging, in the flow, I build-in my own logging (writing to a txt-file on each iterarion, using an InvokeCode-activity) although I know how to look into logging of UiPath itself (Output pane > Export logging e.d.).
  2. Analog to this, after all iteration has been performed and scraped data has been collected into an (in memory) datatable, this datatable is written out to Excel using an WriteRange-activity.
  3. On top of this, the same datatabe is written out to SQL database (insert into).

So, running this flow, from these buttons:
from the Design- or Debug-tab;

  1. on each iteration, the Invoke-activity is doing its task, it writes its output into a subfolder within the project
  2. after all iterations, the WriteRange-activity is doing its task, writing to an Excel bucket on different worksheets, and
  3. as said, the same datatable (the one in memory) which is used within the WriteRange-activity (see 2) is written out to an external SQL DB, travelling over netwerk e.d.

…works as expected!

This whole flow is published and visible in the assistant. Running the workflow from the assistant (orchestrator):
no output as explained under 1), no output as explained under 2) but it does write out to SQL 3).

Conclusion: After packing everything into dll’s (the publishing process) somehow the ability to write out (to text - or to an excel file) into a subfolder within the project, is lost!

How to instruct UiPath before publishing to keep the ability to write out to an reachable space?

Hey @k.vanderkamp

Could you please show us that excel writing part in UiPath ?


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan, @Nithinkrishna

I am facing the same problem! Any resolution to this issue??

Hi @k.vanderkamp ,

Could you please review the below link for further guidance. To avoid these type of issues don’t keep your processing excel files in the project folder instead you can keep it in local folder or shared folder path so that you no need to publish multiple times.