Assigning string variable to another string variable


I have created a string variable called Text_Post. I have several other string variables called Post1, Post2, Post3, Post4, etc…

In the multiple assign activity, I had assigned Post4 to have a string text as “blablablabla”. And then I assigned Text_Post to be equal to Post4 which should also eventually also be equal to “blablablabla”. In the message box, I had set the variable to Text_Post. So whatever other variable I assign to Text_Post say Post5, then the string value of Post5 should appear. However, when debugging, the message box is appearing empty.

Hi @private_matter,

Maybe there are scope differences here. Can you share flow or screenshot image?


You need to define post 3 first. Here, assign steps are done in order.

Oh yeah you’re right. It has taken me half an hour trying to find what could be the problem. Thanks buddy! :slight_smile:

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