Are details (name, email, etc) of other users hidden in a multi tenant scenario?


We are currently running a limited number of processes on a simple standalone enterprise setup. It is time to start scaling up and we are exploring Orchestrator functionalities by tinkering with the CE version (where we are bound to 1 tenant only).

Before we move on with an enterprise licence, we would like to make sure we have clarity on this doubt - which we can’t currently test:
In a SAAS Orchestrator setup with 2 tenants, would users assigned only to TENANT A, be able to see the details (name, email, etc) of users assigned to TENANT B at the level?

Any help would be great!


No. The tenents who can log in will not be visible to individual tenants. Each tenant will log in, but will only be able to see which tenants exist if appropriate permissions are given, and only after login.

hi @pcosta
the creation multiple tenant basic concept also to separate business functionality and the manage

so if you create 2 tenent and assign process and giving permission to the relevant users will not be effect, its act as 2 separate modules
event the license will be province dedicated to each tenant

for your testing download Enterprise Server version
from UiPath
And try your scenario it you need

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Hi, thanks for the replies. The function of tenants is clear. The question however is about users at the platform level.

We just tested with a trial version of Orchestrator SAAS, with 3 tenants. We are not able to inhibit a user assigned only to 1 tenant (with a very limited role) from seeing all users from all tenants at platform level.

In the screenshot below you can notice how user “burtemagni test” of tenant/service = ClientB can see all details of all other users:

User “burtemagni test” is assigned only to role “User”:

The role User under tenant/service = ClientB is specified as follows, with only authorisation to view Alerts :


In a nutshell: definition of a Role only seems to have an effect at the service/tenant level. It has no effect at the platform level, at least in Orchestrator Saas Version 20.2.21 - release 3.

This could be a showstopper for us.

Please let us know if we have missed something, or if this bug is under resolution.




Yep its for the trail versions
You may have no limited of user roles on creating multiple on the enterprise versions


I think

  • the users under platform are at account level and not at orchestrator tenant level (everyone can see everyone)
  • if we should implement a feature to hide other account users to someone is to be decided. Makes sense for partners.