Are all processes are suitable for RPA, so how to identify the right processes for Robotic Process Automation

Five checkpoints to identify the right processes for RPA

Rule Bases Process – Select only the Rule-based process for RPA. Rule-based process are those where a series of simple “If…then” logic can be applied without involving any human decision.

Stable Process – Identify a process which is been performed in the same way for a period not less than 6 months. Also, ensure there are no frequent changes expected in the process in the near future.

Standard Inputs – Ensure the identified Stable Rule-Based Process always should have Standard Input, else it’s not a suitable process for RPA.

Repetitive Manual Process – Its ideal to select repetitive manual process for automation to gain reduction cost benefit.

High Volume – Also the process should quantify in terms of high volume to gain a better return on investment for automation.


Hi @Pradeepta_Mohapatra

Please complete BusinessAnalystTraining in UI Path Academy at the end and real-time experience you can able to know, are all the processes are suitable for RPA

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Agreed! Training is definitely the way to go. But here’s the rule of thumb I follow.
If there is anything that is mind-numbing and doing it 10 times or a 1000 times does not add any value to you, then that is the process you must offload to the Robot.