Apply math to IEnumerable?

I have used Matched to regexp out product prices from a PDF. Unfortunately it somehow didn’t detect the decimal separator. My idea is to now divide the number by 100 but regexp variables are IEnumerable. Any idea how I could do?

Iterate over IEnumerable Collection (For each), get String from Every Match(Match.Value or Match.toString()), Convert to number (Convert.toDouble(variable))

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Wow! Thank you for the super fast response. Not sure that I fully understood but I’ll try and see.

I couldn’t get it working. Is there any possibility you could provide a short example code?

Check this Workflow
Test.xaml (7.2 KB)

C# Code:

Thank you so much! It worked perfectly!
Now I just need to get the numbers back into the IEnumerable :slight_smile: Seems to be a challenge.

create a List and add all your matches to the list.