Appending text in json file without deleting the older data of file

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Am struggling to write the data in json file. I don’t want to delete the previous entry of json. I ussed write text activity. It only wrote the new text but deleted the older one. Please help me.

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Hey @mehtah You can try using append activity instead of write text activity.
Write text will overwrite the datas in the file but in case of append activity it will append datas to the file.
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Thanks for replying i tried using append line activity but it is resulting in this error

@mehtah can you please share your input json data

actually i was extracting a form from pdf

@mehtah I think the response you’re returning is probably not in JSON format. Please use a breakpoint and check if the data is of correct json format.
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we would recommend to deserialize the JSON and update it on JSON level with the corresponding options. Feel free to share with us the sample input JSON and the expected output after an update.

Sir could you please join me through a virtual meet. I won’t take much time of you. Actually we are heading our project completion deadline so need your help.
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let us know here your open question

I have two variables json1 and json2 each consisting of different data i want to make make json file out of these combining both together in a single json file.

@mehtah As you was asked

just share the samples with expected output sample with us

first line is my first data set and second line is my second dataset …i want to concatenate them in a single json file