Append timestamp

Hi Team,

I have an file name like
I want to append timestamp in between the file name say. I want to rename the file as -2021Mar14-04:47:31-ALOutput.xls
Here i have included the timestamp in between the file name. How to do it?
FYI the letter AL in between the file name will be static wont change.

Hi @Balan


yourFileName = yourFileName.Insert(9, DateTime.Now.ToString(""));

Notice that I replaced “:” by “.” (You can’t use “:” in file names).

It will result:


  1. I am looping a folder which contains some 3 xlsx files
  2. In loop inside assign and storing the result in test variable. i am adding the code - yourFileName = yourFileName.Insert(9, DateTime.Now.ToString(“”));
  3. Adding a message box which shows in this format - 2021Mar14-13.21.44-ALOutput.xls
  4. How to rename these files in this new format ? Old file should not exists only new file with this new file name should be there.

Team any updates?

How to replace a word within a specified position say
Today is tuesday
I want to replace “is” with “To”. The word “is” will change dynamically.
So based on the “is” position i want to replace the word “To”

To rename the file you can use Move File activity, providing the old file path and the new file path.

You can use a regular expression: (?<=\s)\w+(?=\s)


Use Replace Activity: