Append Line. How to write data

Hello guys! Who knows how I can write data in csv.file?Untitled6

You need to place the data table there as the input, if you have text, then try to form it as a string with some delimiter, then use generate datatable activity to form the string as a data table, Then use it to write in the csv .

Hope I’m clear @Olek1

Please tell how I have to write my variables to get their values in csv file?

Form a string with all the variables you have using assign activity and then pass that string to the generate data table activity @Olek1

Hi @Olek1,

I recommend using ‘Build Data Table’ because you’re able to visualize better what you’re building.
Then just add a row using “Add Row”
using an array like this {variable1, variable2}
depending on the number of rows you have of course.

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