Append data table

please help me i am not able to do like this issue
data table1 column name
Candidate_Name Current_Organization Current_Designation Location Email FunctionalArea Industry SKILL_SET

data table2 column name
Name Curr. Company name Curr. Company Designation Current Location Email ID Functional Area Industry Key Skills

data table3 column name
Name Current Employer Current Location Email Roles Industry

data table4 column name

Candidate Name Current Organisation Candidate Current Location Email Id

i want to append all data in datatable1 pls give me suggestion


Use merge data table activity and try.

Cheers @Vivek_Kumar3

Hi @Vivek_Kumar3

Use Multiple merge datatable and do print it based on Output Datatable activity

Ashwin S

Thanks for replying but here is all data table have different different column name

here is different different column name in all data tabble

yes you can check it by using output datatable

Ashwin S

No problem, in this if the column name matches its merging. if its dont have that column its creating next to the column

i dont want to create
new column
first first data table is master data table

i need to append condition wise
data table 1
column 1 - Candidate_Name
data table 2
column 1 - Name
data table 6
column 1-full_name
like this for all column


Use Read Range activity read the Data table 1 and store output as DT1. same for other data tables also
use Build Data table activity mention your header names
use for each row
assign to one variable row.(“Your required column name”).tostring same as for other Data tables also.

outside of the body use add data row activity and mention whatever variables you created.

Cheers @Vivek_Kumar3

[quote=“Shriharsha_H_N, post:9, topic:179912”]
row.(“Your required column name”).tostring

.tostring is not coming

ok try without that

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