App issue in uipath

Hi All,
i am working in project, where it will open open application and run some file which will import data, but it fails when i don’t use delay time and in background it keeps on importing.

i want to program in such a way that it doesn’t fail untill unless that window appears.

Hey @Rakesh_Tiwari

I would suggest you to use the retry scope or the wait element vanish in this case.

I tried but still throwing error.
can u pls check my codetest2.xaml (66.0 KB)

Actually it should wait untill importing happens then it should click on ok button

Hey @Rakesh_Tiwari,

Can you use wait element vanish with the configuration mentioned in the below screenshot:


it’s trying to execute next step i think, that’s why it’s failing

is there any other way to capture coz record it is importing is different every time. or will delay work?

Put the timeout 5000000 and see if that works.Timeout will do the same job which you are trying to achieve by delay activity.

no, it’s not working

Then use the retry scope with retry count let say 200 an retry interval 50

i don’t know how to use in my case coz the importing records is changing everytime, can u help me to implement in my code.

Ok.Here is what you have to do.

-Use Retry scope as i suggested.Retry Interval=50,Retry Count=500
-Use Image exist inside the retry scope.
-For Image exist capture the screen without progress bar or after the progress bar has completed.

That’s it.

is this correct?

Use image exist in Condition block and keep action empty.
Image exist should capture the screen without your progress bar on top.

i tried but automation failed

You are still capturing the incorrect screen inside image exist.You do not need to capture progress bar instead capture the default screen without progress bar.

because you want the next action to be executed once the progress bar is vanished so image exist should have the screen without progress bar or after the progress bar has vanished.

now correct?

What is the default screen before you start the delete process?
Capture that entire screen.

There is a search button which i need to click and then from dropdown i need to select required item and click on run.
After clicking that window will come.