API Test Automation Using UiPath Test Suite

I’m working on API Automation testing. we have 12 APIs with 200 testcases that needs to be automated using UiPath Test Suite, Verifying and Validating the Database results with API Responses. For this everything I have to do it from scratch, not getting idea how to quick start API Test Automation. Please share your thoughts if anyone implemented the same .


To Test API in easy way is if you you have postman collection or swagger file you can directly configure a service and those will reflect as activities.

If not you need to use HTTP request and validate response.

@pathrudu Thank you for the reply. I have referred UiPath Test Suite documentation for API testing. Here I have below questions

What is the best approach to use/have Test Data in excel (with data variations) or in Test Data Queue while executing the Testcases in studio and why?

Which is the best approach to use/have Test Data during Regression Test Suite?

Hi @Karuna,
My personal take on handling Test Data in either Excel or Queues is to evaluate a couple factors:

  • What is the volume (low volume fits Excel well, high volume a Queue with a dispatcher might be better)
  • How often your test data changes (if I need Testers to manipulate data frequently I usually stick to Excel, or load the queue from Excel/SharePoint list depending on volume)

Queues give you a lot of flexibility to run tests on multiple robots (think 3 VMs executing 6 runtimes in parallel to perform 1000’s of tests), but might be overkill for most smaller tests.

I generally use Excel when I might need to have others manipulate the data to simulate different scenarios (Ex: last column has “Expected Result” for the tests, and if a user wants to simulate a test that must fail they can add gibberish to the initial data columns and change the Expected Result column to “Fail” → which I code in the automation properly to be able to test both positive and negative scenarios).

Because you are talking about APIs and assuming you are also using Postman I also evaluate how can I leverage UiPath where Postman tests cant go - think testing both API, frontend and database in a single run to ensure data consistency, things like that.

Regarding best practices you can check this out: Test Suite - Test Automation Best Practices (uipath.com)

Preparing data for tests is extremely important and I would love to hear others best practices as well - with GenAI and the new features coming to 2023.10 we will see great improvement in that space for testers.

Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you for the reply.

For API Test Automation the best approach to have/get the test data is through Database Query followed by the below steps

  1. Use Database Query to get the test data
    (no use of excel or any other method to read the test data)
  2. Use single query to fetch the data and use it for verification.
  3. Add Random clause in DB query so that each time the testcase runs would pick the random
    test data.
    For ex - ( select emp_id from employee Order by rand() limit 1)
  4. The below screenshot depicts the flow

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