API call + send data from a form

I have a microsoft forms , i know how to trigger bot using api . But i dont know to pass data with same.
Senario is what ever is filled by user in microsoft form , i have to send those information to bot when any user clicks on subit button. So Api call to trigger bot but what to do for send those filled information?


Just a though, would you be able to store the micorsoft form in a location (directory/folder) and let the BOT pick from there?


Hi @JayakumarSanthanam i like that idea of storing locally and sharing , but as information is of 16 character and an email addess so if there is a way you can send via api itself

@apurvalost Let me know if you found out any solution regarding this

Hello Apurva,
I think one solution is to start this from Power Automate. Check these videos where I start UiPath Robots from Power Automate:

Cristian Negulescu