API Activities (Orchestrator)- Checking for Interest

obligatory i’m mr meeseeks look at me etc…

Orchestrator API is great. I like it alot. I’ve never used an API before and it was fun but not exactly drag and drop (other than the http activity).

Does UiPath have an activity for every activity in the Orchestrator API? If not lets make em’!! everything from the activity to the parameters to a nice output in dataTable format, nice and easy. UiPath is our stepping stone to modern tech, lets bridge some gaps, yo.

@Palaniyappan would you be cool with tag-teaming on this? anyone else down? is there a reason I shouldnt do this?

@Pablito is this something you guys want? you guys deserve it.

May I know which component details from orchestrator you would like get via activity parameters
Cheers @Mr_Meeseeks

Every single one :slight_smile:

The ultimate goal would be for an end user to be able to invoke any of the available API calls from Swagger without having any knowledge of how APIs work or how to deserialize the responses

Hi @Mr_Meeseeks

You might want to check out this guide:

And our docs here:

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New features are awesome!

Nice!!! They most certainly are :slight_smile:

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