Any resource to practice ReFramework?

I just finish RPA Developer advanced course and want to improve my skill.

Is there any resource to practice more on ReFramework?
In the same time, I’m learning and Python basic.

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Hi @Wong_Chee_Mun

kindly refer this video

also you have academic courses of Uipath you can refer that too


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If you have no more questions then kindly close topic @Wong_Chee_Mun
Happy Learning @Wong_Chee_Mun

Do you have anymore exercise or use case I can practice on?

No @Wong_Chee_Mun

But You yourself can come up with new usecases which involves queue mechanism, Excel usage , mail automation etc

also refer uipath usecase repository
Latest Learn/Use Cases Repository topics - UiPath Community Forum


You can check below link

You can take a look there are many use cases to pratice

Hope this may help you