Any practice mock test link for RPA associate program?

Hi All,
I am preparing for RPA associate certification , can anybody supply a good link for mock test for the RPA associate exam? Any other good link apart from the one added in the certification preparation link will be very helpful.

Hi @amrita_khasnabis,

Here is the link you were looking for… in case you haven’t already found it:

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply . I have passed the RPA associate certification last week

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was it similar to practical test ? or more difficult ?

I just passed the exam last night. Same format but seemed a little more difficult but could have been because it was the actual test and I had to pay for it. So not passing means having to pay again, that always makes it more difficult.

As for preparation for the exam, I took the practice exam many times, went over the document of the categories to know and made sure I could explain them. Also looked online for other practice exams and videos.

The parts I scored lowest were Orchestrator and Selectors so I would say concentrate on those if you know how to do the other stuff. Hope it helps.


Hey @amrita_khasnabis simple learn is providing free mock test you can there once.

Where can we get the practise test - please provide the link

Can you please provide the link