Anti Malware Scan Activity

Security is a topic which cannot be ignored in RPA context. In the keynote of Param Kahlon, at Reboot Work Festival, he left no doubt that security endpoint protection has a high priority in the development of UiPath. To be able to design integration scenarios with dynamic scripting parts more securely, I have packed the Anti Malware Scan Interface (AMSI) from Microsoft into an UiPath activity.


This activity offers the possibility to scan strings and buffers to evaluate script code to identify malware, before executing or storing on disk. AMSI is not a panacea, because the functions are limited to detecting threats and notifing about them. Obfuscated scripts can already make detection difficult or impossible at this level. Also not every antivirus platform supports AMSI, so it is necessary to check this before you use this activity. The package contains a version for dotNET Framework 4.61, dotNET 5 and dotNET 6, so that it can be used with all Windows compatibility modes of UiPath.

The Anti Malware Scan Activity is available in the UiPath marketplace.