Alternative of Is True Activity?

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Studio : 2019.4.4 version

In the above version i am not able to find Is True activity . I tried to install Workflow Manager Activities but i am even not getting that package in manager packages.

Basically my objective is -

In Process Transaction stage if any system error occurs then it should retry . where in exception block i will set any variable with False value and pass that to Is True .

I can’t go with normal retry since when the process will start again from Init and in **get transaction data **stage , here it will become difficult to manger the since complexity exist.

Please suggest any alternative…



You can check the “Check True” activity under UiPath.System.Activities


We can’t use **Check True ** or Check False . Retry scope does not allow to us drag and drop these two activity to condition block.



When I checked the retry scope accepts only Element Exist in the Condition part, check this link

IsTrue is not available now in the latest studio, In the earlier version under which package you had it?

So, you can set a flag variable and then you can assign the value

  1. Use try catch activity and check if the activity works or fails, based on that assign the value as True or False
  2. Then using that, surround the try catch with a while loop giving the same boolean variable to the while as well, so that it will loop until the value is true.
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Exactly… Retry Scope allows only those activities which gives True /False as output.

Earlier when i was using 2018.4 version Is True activity we can use but i am not sure when it got removed by UIPath team .

Currently with 2019.9+ version we can install package from package manager and can use Is True activity but since client have 2019.4 version i am not able to get package which contains Is True activity from Package Manager.


Amazing… I guess ** do while** will solve the purpose …
It didn’t click my mind… anyway thanks @HareeshMR


Install this package, then you will get IsTrue From Microsoft.Activites.Expressions


Can you try and let me know if that works @md.ahtesham? That was a good use case to implement

Hello Ahtesham,

Why don’t you try

YourVariable.ToString = “True” to check if Is True.

Try it out and tell me :wink:

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Do while helped me solve my purpose of retry scope , as a very good alternative.

Thanks for suggesting.


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You can use Element Exists instead of Is True

Hope it helps

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