Alternative activities like Get Attribute

Hi, I am trying to get the idx value from the following attribute,

" <ctrl idx=‘3’ name=‘WinProjectE’ role=‘list item’ /> "

but in the Get Attribute activity, I can’t retrieve this value. Is there any activity to get this idx value, or is it okay to get the full selector value and then use regex to extract the value? If so, is there any activity to get the selector value? Please help me.

Hi @jai_kumar2

Check the below thread.

Hope it helps!!


Use find childern activity and then use get attribute activity

Hi @Parvathy Thanks for reply

Find element activity having UiElement output argument through that iam getting value like UiPath.Core.UiElement



If iam using the above query the output is an empty message box.

Actually, my requirement is to select the checkbox according to the dynamic date.


Based on the date, I need to select the checkbox, but unfortunately, I can’t use the For Each UI Element activity. Therefore, I thought of using an activity to get the date selector. From that idx value, I can mark the checkbox using another click activity.


I am using one Click or Find Element activity to select the date by passing the date variable. From this selector, if I can extract the idx value, then I can mark the checkbox.