AI ML for pro trail

Can i use ML skills training pipline and other functions if i activated the pro trial version?


Yes you can.


Hi @Shubham_Kinge ,

Yes. You would also require to add the services first by navigating to Tenant (Your Tenant Name)->Services->Add Services

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Yes Ai centre is included so you can use it for 60 days.


@Chirag_Shetty_Divakar @supermanPunch
I know 60 days i can use this but i want to know can i create dataset and train My own created ML model using ai section all them in trial pro?

Yes you can use all that features as well.

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@Shubham_Kinge ,

Yes. You can upload the datasets required and work on it. Also you could import your custom ML model, however you would require to keep it in a Specific format for the AI Center to consume the model.

You should be able to find all the related details of the AI Center features in the below doc :

However, we see that you’re earlier requirement mentioned is cleared. So if required to know more specific details about the AI Center offering. We would ask you to create another topic so we can provide the related info on that particular topic.

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