AI customization

Hi Dear All,
I am newbie in Uipath AI center. I am looking training for uipath AI center. The process would be customization like download dataset from kaggle and process it.
If anyone have any crush course for AI with RPA which was recorded then please share with me. I know python. Please assist me. I will be very grateful to you.

Thank you

Youtube cna help, depends on what do you mean by customization.

Nisarg Kadam and Lahiru Fernandes have thier YouTube channel with some AI related usecase videos. That might help you to get started.

Hi thanks for the quick response. but in youtube there is no tutorial step by step. I think its for advance people.

that are the step by step tutorials for implementing model, training model and using it with UiPath

I believe, you want to learn how to create ML model first? Yeh you csn pick the topic you want the customization for and then learn that using python.

You you should search for Creating ML model using python for semantic learning, etc


Suggest to visit academy for the understanding of the AI center

Hope this may help you