After run Sap Logon it opens window a few times and dont find window

Entering data into SAP logon and SAP login the window is open so many times like number in retries and dont find window, more number of retries dosn’t help. Any ideas?


If you don’t see any issues in opening the SAP window, then remove it from retry block. If you still wish to place it in retry then it is better to kill any open SAP windows before opening a new one. This would solve ‘same windows opening multiple times’ issue.
In your case, identifying the window seems to be issue. Can you share what activity and selector have you used?


Have you checked if scripting is enabled in SAP ?

My Robot for now it’s look like that.

It is ok? I have like that.

Yes this looks okay, can you also check with your SAP application team if server side scripting is enabled or not ?

also try to reduce no of retries to 2