After installation Firefox 84.0.2 (32-bit) addon ui-path browser button is not available

Hello, to get to know about RPA/UI-Path I installed free Studio X community edition as described
and did the steps as shown in the video.
Access Excel from UI-Path/Run Command works.

I installed Firefox extension from within Studio-X (as Chrome Browser is not supported by our IT in our environment).
Studio-X shows successful installation but the expected UI-Path button is not available in Firefox.
In the Firefox addon list “UI Path Web Automation” is listed. Also after restarting Firefox the button is not shown. How can I use the Firefox addon/get it to run/show the button?

Here is Firefox 84.0.2 (32-bit) installed in the environment.
Best Regards/S

Hello @swallat ,

Not sure what you’re expecting from Firefox addon. If it’s on the list and active, that means that Uipath can interact with the Pages/controls from Firefox.

Can you provide a screenshot of what exactly you are expecting?

The same version I have , like you, it works OK.


Hello @wasea , yes, you’re right. It’s now working here, too :slight_smile: I was somehow focused that there is no “UI-path” after installation as explained in tutorial that I thought something is configured wrongly.BR/S

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