After close application application execution not stop

After inserting excel data in web.I used closed application to kill the browser.but my application still execute.I want also to stop the execution after closed application.As mention in attachment.

Hi @Aditya10989

Use close tab activity,I Hope it will work

If this’s your solution please mark as solution


Close tab stop the execution.I want when process completed bot stop the execution.

Sorry @Aditya10989 I didnt get you

I want to close the execution of BOT

Are you using terminate activity in catch? If not try that.

Hi @Aditya10989,

You can use the close application as well to close a browser. Make sure you are pointing to the correct browser.

After the completion of some steps if you want to stop the execution, then you can use any one of the below-mentioned approaches:

  1. Use a boolean variable and assign it true during start of the process. Now after some steps, if you want to stop execution then make that variable value as false. Then you can use if condition basis of a bool variable. then either you can continue or stop. You can use Flowchart as well for this.

  2. Use state machine: after completion of some steps, you can trigger stop/End execution state.