Advanced RPA Assignment 2

Hi All,
I would appreciate some help with this. I have completed the Hash Security Assignment. The robot works and completely updates all the work items matching WI5 as completed (I confirmed on the ACME System). It gets stuck after the last work item is completed and throws an error “Assign TransactionItem: Index was outside the bounds of the array.”. Looks like it is unable to execute the else condition that assigns out_TransactionItem = Nothing.


Can you check the Red marked Assign has value in_WI_list(in_TransactionNumber-1)

Hi Lukas,
Thanks for replying. I used in_WI_list(in_TransactionNumber) instead because I changed the default value of the TransationNumber from 1 to 0. It’s the same right?


Then remove = (equals to) from the condition block.

Thanks Lukas. It worked! I’m truly grateful.

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