AddQueueItem api

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I am trying to use AddQueueItem api. I am new to this orchestrator api area. Is it possible to add a file(JSON) as a queue item? or I have to somehow extract value from JSON make it a key value pair and send to the queue. I cannot do this inside the robot?

Hi @rahulraj987

Of course it is possible :slight_smile:
You can pass your json string as one of the arguments of the Add Queue Item activity.

You can then retrieve it by using this example syntax:


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To make my question more clear.
I will be receiving continuous emails throughout the day with JSON as attachment. My question was whether we can pass that file itself to the queue. Then my robots can take that JSON and extract info and proceed with the process. In above explanation you are talking about passing JSON string?I am a little confused there

Indeed, I think you will need to read the json file to a string and pass that string as a queue item.