Addition of values in excel with conditions

Dear Master,
i have below query.
i am trying to total the amount mentioned in Sheet1 and out the value based on the condition mentioned in Sheet2

Value Condition then Print in Total Price
60 <=(Less than or equal to GOOD
61-120 >=(greater than or equal to Fair
120 >(Greater than) bad

please assist

Work.xlsx (13.4 KB)

any thoughts :thinking:

Hi @Sonia_012 ,

One simple solution would be like this:

Here is the test file: SwirchCase.xaml (12.8 KB)

Hope this helps
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Hi Marius,
Thank you however i need to total the amount first and then put the condition.
E.G. - for ABC 100+100 =200 so the condition will should appear for 200.
sorry if i had not explained properly. let me know if any queries.

Hi @Sonia_012
Check this workflow
sample (2.0 MB)

Mark it as solution if it resolves your query

Nived N
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have a look below as it is similiar to your case. It is implementing a mapping function for numbers to segments:

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