Adding "" To a File Path Variable

So basically im using powershell to move my most recent file in users/downloads to /downloads/downloadedmusic, so i can do the move path as that is static and never changes but what i need is for my variable of most recent file (pDownloadedFile) doesnt have “” surrounding it which is what i need to do, now i cant just assign it in the VB Expression as it will change every time the profgram is run, so how do i get “” surrounding my pDownloadedFile Path

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Are you looking for how to set some text within quotes?

kindly note \" is visual for the escaped quote only and equivalent to
Do-Command -File "C:\ABC\test.txt" OtherCode

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So it gets the most recently downloaded file from downloads and assigns the path with no “” which is what i need for powershell to understand the path. How would i do this

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May we ask you to reformulate the last question. We did’t get it in all. Thanks

so ive managed to get the variable to have “” it was 4 lots but i have a different issue, depending on the file name i belive this error comes up when entering the instructions on moving the file path to another folder in powershell

we would recommend to check following:

  • grafik
    so it more readable and traceable

  • if maybe file system actions can be done within uipath and .Net api statements instead with Powershell

  • Using Invoke Power Shell Activity

managed to do it thanks mate i did “”“” + variable + “”“” in an assign and it worked

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