Adding pathways into a list - invoke method error

Please see above, Im trying to add these items into a list, is there a better way?

error message:

Thanks, Alex.

Can you explain what are you trying to do.

Add a group of file paths into a list, to then add as a mailmessage into an outlook email - I have managed to get the list working now I just need to be able to send it through here:


@aquinn your listVar is type of object. It should be String type…can you show us variable type from variable panel

@aquinn If you put NewList variable. is it giving same error?

No but it does not let me store anything in newlist

Am I able to store list2 in Newlist some how?


You can directly use directory.GetFiles("Yourpath").ToList


Even though I need to attach say 5 files?


.Tolist will convert the output to list of string…how many ever you get as output from directory.getfiles…

Are you doing any more filters in the loop again…? I dont think so


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