Adding new users from an excel table to SAP

Hi UIPath Community,

I´m trying to automate the process of adding new users (User Information is in a table in an excel sheet) to SAP. The problem I´m facing is that SAP gives me the failure message that the initial password (from the excel sheet) is in the exception table. But when I write the same password manually into SAP it works. That means that the password is a correct SAP password. So it must be a problem with a type conversion of the string.
What I´m doing is:

  1. I open the excel application scope
  2. Read Cell Activity of the certain Cell and safe the Output as a certain String variable
  3. Then use the Type text action and write out the variable from Above
    It works for every field in the SAP transaction, but not for the initial Password field…

Can anyone help me out? Or does anyone know a different way to automate that process?

Thank you in advance,

Could you try following:

  • get rid of white space (eg:read cell output variable(Pwd) Then pass the variable in typeinto like this Pwd.Trim

  • keep some delay before the typeinto activity.

  • change waitForReady from interactive to complete

  • give some delay in “DelayBetweenKeys” property of typeinto.(eg 150)

  • Try with SimulateType /EmptyField checked .

  • If all the above property of TypeInto doesn’t work then give a try with SetText Activity.

Hi ddpadil,

I tried all of it, but it still gives me the error message “password is in exception table”…
Does anyone have another idea?

Thanks anyway!

Could you pass the password text(not variable) directly in TypeInto activity.

Can you check this:
Pass the pwd variable to username field in the target window just to see its typing correctly or not?


thank you! that was a really good idea. At least I know the problem now I guess.
The problem is that UIPath only writes capital letters with both the TypeInto and the SetText activity.
But the password consists out of capital and small letters (and this is necessary)…

So do you know how to write small letters with UIPath or how to keep the String format of the password with Captial and small letters?

Oh,Nothing like that TypeInto and Set Text must work respective to the input case.
In rare case if you check “SendWindowsMessage” then it type text in small letter.

One more check:
Can you pass the same pwd field targeting on the notepad to check whether its typing (capital and small letter )correctly or not?